System is designed to work for every kind of bulk material for construction market . Machinery can work inside and outside of the suitable building. 3 bin system can help to operators to work separately bigbag unloading process . Machinery can be used for loading of packing machine and silobus too. Dust can not pass between bins and can not go out while in process by helping easy manage handles. Forklift can load big bags easly to the system with bigbag holders.

No Specifications
1 Height /Width/Lenght 6m x2.5 m x12 m
2 Hooper volume 4.5 tons
3 Bin number and carrying capacity 3 unit bigbag -2 tons(max )
4 Vibration motor power 3x 0.5 kw
5 Collector screw conveyor motor power / diameter / Lenght 15 kw / 273 mm /6 m
6 Delivery screw conveyor motor power/lenght 15kw / 273 mm /8 m
7 Electric arrangement 3 phase / 50 hz
8 Capacity of system 25-30 tons / hour