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Derg Tech is supplying product and services in engineering, IT, manufacturing and logistic solutions to Europain market more than 10 years. Methodology and quality of these sectors and products are developing and recruiting with high acceleration day by day. Derg Tech is formed this changing by combining Turkish team and energy to creat big synergy.

Today, derg tech is manufacturing factories and machineries on dry mortar sector, coil and rebar proccesing machineries with engineers in our factory, exporting cement and other contsruction materials between continantals with own experts, creating IT solutions and phone application with senior programmers.

Dry mortar factories

  • mixers
  • silos
  • crushers
  • conveyors

Rebar and coil processing factories

  •  straightening and cutting machines
  • wire mesh welding machineries
  • wire drawing machineries
  • rebar cutting and bending machineries

Export and logistics

  •  gray cement
  • white cement
  • cellulose
  • fiber glass
  • perlite
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Dry mortar factories 80%
Rebar and coil processing factories 70%
Export and logistics 90%